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6 day old boys l Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

Meet K and C, two precious little guys that are a true blessing to their parents. They loved cuddling up with each other and I bet they’ll grow up to be best buddies. F and S, congratulations on your beautiful boys!

Sherese Nguyen - Thanks again Brittany for the wonderful pictures. You are awesome and do such amazing work. Can’t wait to see the other photos 🙂

Jody Holt - I loved the picture with the boys cradled in the arms and mom and dad kissing the sleeping babies. Great work! I like the creative way the family is portrayed.

Stephanie Stefl - Gorgeous shots of the boys – well done, once again!

Sandi Falin - WOW those pictures are gorgeous. The cutest little boys ever they look so precious. The 1st one is so cute it looks like they are floating. Great job the pics are beautiful.

Kim Forgione - I LOVE THE PICTURES! They’re beautiful! Congrats Sherese and Francis! Brittney, I want you to take pictures of my 2 year old!

Marie Adams - Sherese the boy’s are gorgeous. Congrats

Vivian Vu - THESE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS! I love them! Great photography work! And congrats to Frank and Sherese on the new additions to your beautiful family!

Emika - How absolutely gorgeous are these little guys. Just yummy!

Astrid Lucas - I love the pic of you guys with the boys. They are so tiny and adorable! Beautiful pictures:-)

Karen Zubia - Great pictures….Love the picture when you only see the hands holding the boys. Too precious…Nothing better then seeing the pictures of the sleeping babies.

Lauren Wagner - Beautiful!! I love the top on…how his little hand is on his brother’s back!! Congrats!

Anne-Marie Fawley - The pictures are beautiful. Your photographer has a great eye and can capture the perfect shot. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Love you guys,
Anne-Marie Fawley

Mary Ann Isaksen - Wow! Congratulations, Frank & Sherese! They’re beautiful boys and the photos are amazing!

Terri DiPiazza - Frank and Sherese…
Your babies are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to both of you…May God bless you all!!!!

Terri DiPiazza

Renee,Jerry and Lainie - That’s what we call a beautiful family! Wishing you Lots of Health and Happiness..great photos

Jdy Cleri - WOW………awesome……Congratulations on the birth of your little ones. They are gorgeous……obviously they take after their Mom…….only kidding Frank…..Congratulations. May God bless them beyond your wildest dreams.


Frank Jasch/Chicago, Illinois - Those two are pictures of God’s little Angels.
Congratulations Mom and Dad

Larry & Carolyn Glover - Great photos!! Congratulations!! Love the names!! Take care and see you seen.

Allen & Joan Lopez - Thank you for sharing these awesome photos. Congratulations! Kason & Carter are fabulous! Make sure you give them extra loves from us!

K.Treible - Congratulations to the both of you! You have truly been blessed with 2 beautiful baby boys….may you cherish each and every moment….

Violet Menjivar - OMG! Congratulations Sherese aand Francis, your babies are precious! And the pictures are beautiful…. WOW!!!

Jackie Schneider Henderson - The boys are absolutely perfect! Congratulations!

Karen Tucker - Congratulations! Beautiful babies. The pictures are fabulous. These two little guys are going to be heartbreakers.

Francis Nguyen - Thanks Brittany for a great photo shoot…Can’t wait to see the final product!

Shel & Cathy Wellins - We wish you all well. May the boys be blessed with the wisdom to be future Golden Bear grads. Our best wishes from our family to yours.


Michelle Sullivan - Wonderful pictures! They are very handsome. Congratulations! You two have your hands full, good luck.

Bob Cannan & Joanne Kascsak - Congratulations, your boys are absolutely adorable and the pictures are outstanding. We wish you all the best.

Steve and Carlin - Congrats – enjoy them while they’re little – they will grow up so quickly you’ll be amazed !!!

Bob Orf - Wow! What amazing pictures. Congratulations to you both. Thanks for sharing. God bless and best of luck.

Joseph and Michelle Angelone - Congratulations Frank and Sherise! The pics are beautiful! They sure look like they sleep alot, I hope it lasts:) See you soon.

Barry - Beautiful pics! Not taking anything from the photographer but it’s easy to take great pics when the subjects look so great! Congratulations!!

Tony & Patti Depalma - Beautiful!As the parents of twins we know how blessed you guys are.Enjoy,Savor Them.Your friends Tony &Patti.

Miss Lucy - First word to come to mind; Beautiful! Congratulations to the Nguyens!!!

Mel and Rick Hines - Love the pictures!!! My favorite one is you guys with the boys!! All the best to your new family!!

Rod Myers - I can’t wait to see them. They are so cut and I wish God’s best Blessing to them.

See you in April or May.


Bridge & Walter Baumann - Congratulations!! Precious!! Twins bring double the joy and laughter into your lives. Good things come in pairs! Wishing you and your gorgeous boys good health and all the happiness in the world. The pictures are awesome, terrific photography, never seen anything like it!

Flo & Mac McKillips - Congrats to both of you. Two bundles of Joy!!!

Kippi Dobrzynski - The pics are so adorable. The photographer did a great job. The boys are beautiful just like their parents. Congrats Frank and Sherese. God bless your family.

Marilyn and Joe Boughton - Dear Frank and Sherese,
You are so blessed to have these two special little baby boys and they are so fortunate to have you both as their parents! We are so happy for you and your families! Life as you know it will never be the same – it just became so much more!
All our love and best wishes to you, Marilyn and Joe Boughton

JoAnn & Mike Mancini - Many prayers have been answered!!!! Congratulations, the boys are beautiful! Enjoy every minute, time flies by.

Naomi Reese - These pictures are so beautiful! You guys are so blessed.

Jamie Wuertz - Sherese and Francis, congratulations you did a wonderful job! Your boys are adorable, enjoy. I hope I get to see them in the near future, once you and your new family get a little more settled. Take care, Jamie.

Joe and Nori - Congratulations!! Good luck with these two, if they are anything like Francis 😉

Adriane - beautiful pictures! congratulations, you two are going to be fantastic parents!

Beth Patterson - Congratulations! Very handsome boys! Your life will never be the same — you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully different life is with your little ones.

Jean & John Conaty - We loved the pictures and what a wonderful way to introduce the boys to your family and friends. They are wonderful. We look forward to a lot more.

Linda And Ken Freund - Dearest Frank and Sherese,

The word “JOY” comes to our mind when we see these beautiful photos of these precious boys! Enjoy this time, you both have been truly blessed! Life just got better!
Love to the four of you! Linda and Ken Freund

Frank & Sheri - Now this is truly hitting the jackpot!!!!! May all your days be filled with such love and happiness!

Jorge Lara-Lopez - Cool black shirt on the first pic Francis! also.. LITTLE NGUYENS!!!!!!! Congratulations on the little ones. Best advice I ever got, take a nap when they nap. <- Lifesaver. Hope all is well and you guys are ok.

Betsy Rowland - Frank and Sherese….They are adorable. Well done and welcome to the world! God’s Blessings.

Adrienne and Ben - The boys are beautiful and the pictures are amazing…they give me goosebumps!Congratulations to you both.

Thomas E. Bolen - Frank and Sherese,

Congratulations from Texas!

Beautiful pictures, but look what beautiful subjects to photograph!!

I am very happy for you’all and excited for what the future has in store with these two little “buck-a-roos”

Have a GREAT DAY !


Sandy and John - Congratulations; Kason and Carter look adorable. What an addition to your beautiful family.
We wish you all health and happyness and many good night sleeps.

Sandy and John
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sue (Carleo) Brown - Frank and Sherese,
Congratulations on your beautiful babies! They are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!

Laura Nevarez-Kim - Frank & Sherese,

Congratulations! Your boys are precious! May God bless the newly extended Nguyen family!!!

Liz & Jim Swafford - What a beautiful blessing you both have received! We know you have worked hard to get these precious boys and we wish you both the best life has to offer to you and your new family! Don’t work too hard so that you can’t enjoy them. Time goes by so fast.

Omar & Alexis - Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!!! F&S – the boys are absolutely gorgeous! Makes my heart melt! The pictures are amazing, please send a link to the rest when they’re ready! Congratulations and we can’t wait for our boys to play together!

Omar and Alexis - Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!!! F&S, the boys are absolutely gorgeous!! The pictures are amazing, please send a link to the rest when they are ready! Congratulations and can’t wait for our boys to play together! Love you!

ramona flanagan - I love my little twins from Auntie ramona! The best pic in the world

linda nelson - Love my daughter, son-in-law, and MY TWINS! WONDERFUL PICTURES! Just perfect!

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