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Built in Best Friends | Las Vegas Child Photographer

Meet London and Liliana, at almost a year old they are the on the move and cute as can be! Even though they’re not identical, you can tell they are absolutely connected and I have no doubt they’ll grow up to be best friends. These little ladies are the apple of their daddy’s (and mommy’s!) eye. They’re the kind of family that just has fun and loves on each other and my hope, as always, is that I am able to capture that.

carmen bell - Oh my gosh! I love the pictures! Absolutely precious.

Keith Farney - Way too cute. Adorable!

Dawn Rivera - Beautiful pictures.

laurie mcculloch - I love all the pictures! The black and white ones are especially my favorite. Gorgeous family!

paige - Elsden twins are adorable. These pics make me wish I lived closer, talented photographer and cute kids- great combo!

Season Liveley-Poletto - There you go again, Brittany! Taking such awsome photos of such a Beautifiul family!! Love it!

Shanna - Gorgeous family! Great pics!

Shawn G - Happy babies come from happy parents. Brittany captured a beautifuly happy family!

Patt Worsham - Beautiful kids, beautiful pictures….who would expect anything less???

Amanda - Love these!! Great shots and GORGEOUS girls.

Christina - What an adoerable shoot! The lighting is perfect, the color contrast is perfect and the family is beautiful. Speechless.

L J Semenza - Awesome pics! The girls are beautiful.

Brenda - Such a beautiful family! I love the B&W of you two holding the girls over your heads.

Jarrod - Adorable!

Brynda - They are so cute!! I hope I get to meet them when we come to Vegas in July!!

Christy Schlosser - I love love love these pictures!! What a beautiful family! 🙂

Debbie Spinelli - A gorgeous, photogenic family, all so happy and in love. Excellent pictures.

Meryl - I just love these photos, especially the black and white ones. Brittany, you really captured a beautiful family.

Shawnbay Jones - These are great pictures! They capture the essence of a beautiful happy family! Simply Beautiful!

irene - What a happy, beautiful family captured by amazing photography!

Wendy Horn - The most gorgeous family… ever! The photography accentuates that beautifully!! Great job!

Chris - They are so adorable! Great pictures!

Kristin - Great pictures of some awesome little girls!

April Wallace - My wittle goddaughters and my wittle sister are just prscious…Pattikins ain’t too bad either!! 🙂 Love love love the pics…want to see more!

Marsha - What great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Kraig Wallace - Great Pictures!

Becky - The girls are so cute! What a beautiful family.

Bobbie Talley - Love the pictures.

Tuliza - Absolutely Beautiful!!!

stacy - What a beautiful family…the pictures truly capture the joy they have brought into your lives and this WORLD 🙂

Kim - The pictures are beautiful! I love the one where the girls are in the baskets. What a fabulous set of pictures!!

Amber - So cute!!!

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