End of the Year Contest l Vote for your favorite photo! Brittany Rulis Photography | End of the Year Contest l Vote for your favorite photo!

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End of the Year Contest l Vote for your favorite photo!

I’ve been trying to think of a way to thank all of my awesome clients from 2010, so with that, I’m excited to announce my year end contest! I’ve chosen my favorite photo from each of my 2010 sessions and I’m giving away a gallery wrap canvas to whomever receives the most votes. I had an amazing year and I have you to thank for that. So, THANK YOU and I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds!


  • Each person may vote for one photo
  • To vote, comment on this post and identify your choice by number
  • Make sure to leave an accurate name and email address when commenting
  • You may encourage family and friends to come and vote…the more the merrier!


  • 1st place – a 16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas of your favorite photo from your session
  • 2nd & 3rd place – a 11×14 traditional print of your favorite photo from your session

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!! If you are a fan of Brittany Rulis Photography on Facebook, you will get an additional vote! Just be sure to tell me you’re a fan in the comment…and no fibbing…I’ll be checking! If you’re not a fan, what are you waiting for??

Contest ends Friday, December 17th at Midnight. No votes will be counted after that time. Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 18th and prizes will be delivered by January 15th.





























Kristi Willis - #7, the cutest baby ever! 🙂

Nelson Vazquez - # 7 Gorgeous baby

Tyler Berthelson - 7 in case you didn’t know.

sharon - yeah! #7 is too cute.

Beverly fritz - #23, The best looking family, and beautiful back ground.

April Carlson - #18!!!

Ryan - #7!

Aditi Singh - gotta go with my beautiful little lady – #22 🙂
And am definitely a fan on facebook!

Rachel Lundman - #22….absolutely gorgeous!!

Beverly - 7

Renae Holman Murti - I’m voting for 23. They’re my cousins and you’ve so captured a place they love! All your photos are stunning. I’m wishing we lived in Vegas so you could capture the 4 of us.

Sujay Patel - The beautiful baby in #22!!

Mira Capur - #22, very precious…cute little bundle of joy!

ABBIE KRAUSE - #23, #23, #23. Beeeeeauuuutiful! We’ll have to make an appointment next time we go through LV. Tommy looked like that x years ago when I babysat for him. Good looks are in the genes cuz.

Anita Singh - Number 22 is just the best picture! She gets my number #1 vote!
I’m also a facebook fan of yours!

NATALIE - Families are forever…go #10!

Cynthia Burr - Wow what beautiful people! I love #10!

Cynthia Burr - Oh and I’m a fan on facebook!

gail flores - i vote for #11 and i am a fan on facebook

michael flores - i vote for #11 and i am a facebook fan

jeff - #7

Christen Wirth - My vote is for #23. Tommy, Heather and Owen Shininger!!!!!!
Also a facebook fan from Sherwood, Ohio!

Bryan Lundman - #22…So precious sleeping!

Shelly Piehr - #11 is the cutest!!! And I am a fan on Facebook!

Cyndi Heighland - The best by far….#23
Love those guys!

Cyndi Heighland - I’m a fan on fb too!

Gloria Shininger - #23 is by grandson!
Love you and See you soon!

I’m a fan on fb too!

Matt - #7! That kid looks like he’s gonna be a professional golfer!

Sam - 7

Molly Metzler - #3….just darling

KR - Number 8! Those pouty lips are adorable.

Debbi Ayers - #23 by far the best. sure miss them, but Tom, Heather and Owen will be back in Ohio in 8 days! Can’t wait to see ya! Also a fan on facebook. Brittany, you sure take great pictures.

Ashok Singh - #22

Bob - #23, Tattoo Tommy’s the King! Owen’s like a little ‘Mini-Tom’

Kristi - #7, I’m a fan on facebook!!! 🙂

stacie - #7!!! 🙂

Edmund - #7 so innocent…

Erika Taylor - #7 is so adorable!

Jill - #7!!! Too cute!! 🙂

kt - #7 is the cutest ever.

Mackie - #7 is the future people magazines sexiest man alive!!!

heidi - #7 🙂

Jaylyn - #7

Tom Shininger - #23
See you soon.
– PawPaw

Nikki - #23 all the way!

Jane Fallon - All your photos are fantastic but I have to vote for #5

McKell - #7!!!

Lois - #7
Cutest little one!

Michele Carnahan - #23 – looks like Owen is getting ready to stomp his foot….hmmmmm

Tristy Wada - #7

suzanne jesperson - #7 So Cute!!!

Donna Lauger - #7 is my vote:-)

Mats - #7 is a winner!

anne willis - You certainly captured this baby’s adorableness (Is that a word?) Anyway, cutest baby ever!

anne willis - #7

Leah Koontz - #21….they are the most precious girls ever!!!

Johanna Smith - I LOVE # 21. All of the photos are so beautiful, but #21 is my favorite.

Leah Koontz - FYI: Became a fan on Facebook!! you are awesome Brittany…thanks for everything!

Annescia Hite - #21 Love, love, loe the beautiful picture! So darling!

James Scott, king of Frenchtown - Number 21 by far, two beautiful girls, watch out guys someday they will steal your hearts

Scott Heighland - #23

Diane Carillo - I vote for # 21…these two little girls are gorgeous!


Diana Hoefling - I vote for # 21

Diane Carrillo - #21…these little girls are gorgeous!

diane arnold - #21 is a winner…how could it not be with those adorable little faces!

Vicky - #7 has got to be the cutest! Love your photos!

Adrianna - From one photographer to another, #21 is definitely the best! Great work!

Jeff - 21 Is adorable. To cute for words


melvin gonzales - #21 Ryan & Natalie

Lisa B - #21 is my favorite! Beautiful picture of two beautiful girls!!

Son Nguyen - I vote for # 21

Tina Ho - I VOTE FOR #21 (The two grils soooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Carol - #21 is my vote. Two beautiful little girls, sisterly love, you gotta love that.

Megan Hatala - #21 is the cutest!

Jim Hager - I vote for #21

Linda Uriadko - #21 is my FAVORITE!!! LOVE THOSE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!


tammy koontz - my fav is #21…the girls are so cute!! getting so big

Dina - #21 has my vote! How precious!

Nikki - #21 – The girls look darling!

Marie - I vote for number 21…. way cuter than 7… just saying.

Mench - My vote is # 21! Total BFF’s!

Lindsay - I vote for #21! Such cute, loving sisters!

Tim Koontz - I vote for #21. They are the cutest and most intelligent girls that I am aware of.

Paula M. Burlsion - The Picture 21 is the cuteeeeessssttt!! look at the smile and the michivious grin! perfect!

Larry Ayers - @23 Tom, Heather, and Owen. My favorite!

Cary Breese - #21…I’m voting for

Oscar Gonzalez - Vote for #21

Myriam Carrillo - #21 They are so cute and lovable!

Elham - awesome picture. this little baby is soooo adorable!! photo 22 is the best!!

dawn ross - I love 21, they are beautiful 🙂

Shima - little jiya is gorgeous!! #22 is the prettiest one!

Persian - #22 is my choice!

Rita - Beautiful pictures. Adorable little princess. Number 22 is number one in my list.

Harsh - Amazing pics. What a cutie. Photo 22 rocks

Shilpa - #22!!!

Veronica Robertazzi - #21. The girls look beautiful. Makes me smile!

Rob griffith - My vote is for 21. Nice and close photography, full frame, no distracting back or fore grounds. Of course the children both with impish facial espressions says the rest.

Catherine - Number 21- so precious!!

Alison Tate - #7!!!! by far is the best! The winner for sure! Such a handsome baby!

jake - #21, Beautiful lil ladies look like candy canes

Joe D - Picture 21, for sure the best photo

Melissa - #21 these are all incredible photos…but #21 is my favorite.

Kelly Walters - #21 absolutely adorable!!!!

Jordan Walters - #21 Ryan and Natalie are so cute 🙂

Melissa Williams - #21– they are too cute!!!

Tina Sorkness - #21 is the best. They are adorable dolls.

Stacy - Every one of these is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but I’d have to go with those two sets of gorgeous eyes in #21!!

Albert Zuniga - Got to go with number 21.

Valentina - #21 is my favorite. The girls have AMAZING smiles. The picture is adorable !!!

nicky - #21 I love them… 😀

sj - #7 is a stud..

joe - #7

Jenelle Ito - #7: I really like #7…the picture is sooo adorable and precious!!!

k - #7!!

Mike O'Neill - #21 is by far the best picture up there!! Those two girls are the cutest things EVER!!

P.S. I’m a fan of you on Facebook!! 🙂

Marivelle Villanueva - My vote’s on number 7 – Graeme’s expression is priceless! Love it!

Akshata Nilkund - Number 7 is my pick! So cute

Natasha - I’m voting for # 7. What a cutie pie!

Yvette Sahut - #7 is my favorite! Baby is such a little angel.

patty - I vote #21 for two cute girl! 🙂

Freddy Carrillo - #21 for sure!!!!

shelby - #21 Ryan and Natalie are too cute!!! Definately my favorite!

Stephanie Stefl - #21 – Pretty Little Candy Cane Sisters!!!! They’re as sweet as they look!

Stephanie Stefl - #26 – Since I’m a fan of Brittany Rulis Photography on FB – have to use my extra vote to vote for my own son 😉 We absolutely love this photo & get endless compliments on it!

Sandy Willis - #7 is absolutely the cutest!!


julie - vote for #21 , this two girl too cute 😉

Michael Koontz - I vote for #21. I should because they’re my kids. And I’m a fan!

Melissa - The winner is definitely #21!!!

GRANDPA JOHN - #21 is the winner in my heart and has my vote!!!!!!!!

Karyn Fulghum - Beautiful bunch of kids< HOWEVER….MY VOTE IS FOR # 21

Betty Brumer - I vote for 21 because they are darling and cute personality shows

kendall jesperson - #7 That’s one cute kid

laure mccubbin - #5 of course!!!

laure mccubbin - Voting for #5

Leslie - I’m going to cast my 2 votes for #17. I just love that little Cruz!! I also love #5.

Kim Roth - #21 – they are so precious but all the photos are just fantastic!

JoAnn Jennings - picture #21

Annette Branch - My vote is for #21 — those two little girls are adorable.

Brenda Kaye - My deepest apology. May I correct a spelling error. It is the love that excels between the children that is so enchanting. Unmistakingly I would assume that I am looking at sisters for I see the resemblance and am touched by the warmth that the eye of the camera exposes. The best is #21 for it captures what the world needs now; love sweet love.

Minnie - I cast my vote for #21

janny - i am vote #21 my favorite girl this two little angel for me,love 🙂

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